Komrade Kremlin
(Invunerability/Energy Melee Tank)

Colonel Yuri Stolichnaya, former supreme athlete and cosmonaut, was left in orbit for 5 years after the fall of the Soviet Union .  During that time, only his undying faith in the fight for the proletariat kept him alive whilst his poor body was bathed in cosmic rays.  Eventually the orbit of his space capsule began to decay and he was brought back to earth in a firey ball of flame that left an enormous crater in the American desert.  Yet the world to which he had returned was not the same.  The west had conquered the communist block and capitalists were in power in the motherland.  Yet he had also become invincible and survived the crash!

He now continues his fight to overthrow the bourgeois, and will not stop till all capitalists are crushed underfoot and the proletariat rises again!  We will bury you!

Big Brother is Watching You!

Komrade Kremlin promises to complete
the Dam Project

Observing the Capitalists Polluting
the Air of the Working Class

Join the revolution and the six year plan!

Kremlin in front of
COT Pyramid

Freeing the Life-force of the Beast
Forced to keep working even in death
by Evil Capitalists

Komrades Kremlin and Red Hot Ivan bringing the Arch Capitalist Countess Crey to Trial for crimes against the Proletariat

Kremlin Vs. Chimera

Kremlin Vs. Nightstar

fight evil Kapitalist Warmachine

Kremlin and Komrade Red Propaganda

and Friend I may one day need to crush!

can take a hit as well (from Siege)

crushes Marauder

crush evil Gypsy type Anarchist

crushes Neuron

combats Snaggletooth

combat great beast of underearth

views Kapitalist disaster - The Hamidon

Kremlin in front of Alien Saucer

see result of Kapitalist overfishing 
of harbor...  starving deep sea creature

Kremlin prevents
COT Propaganda 
from reaching masses

yuri sight seeing with Sasha

make joke - Soup is on!

Komrade take photo of sasha cage dancinh!

always remains...man of the people

try to talk to anarchist...
but conversation not get far