Boomba Bombat

Race: Sprite

Gender: Male Age: 136 yrs. (immortal)

Classes: fey-hero

Levels: 11 Height: 2'6" (small)

XP: 57,500

Alignment: NG Weight: 11 lbs.

Next Level: 66,000

# adventures: ~9 Walk: 20'  Fly: 60'

Saving Throws  [SR 16] [-15hp fire]

Saving Throws:



Ability Mod

Magic Mod

Temp Mod

Fortitude (Con.):






Reflex (Dex.)*:






Will (Wis.)*:






Ability Scores





























Sleep arrows
   sv. vs. DC15
Forget arrows
   sv. vs. DC15
SR 16
Nat. Invisibility



Natural armor class


small size


+2 Shield, body 


Magic Bracers AC+4


Invisible 50% miss






+1 AC
Point Blank Shot +1 Att
Rapid Shot +1 arrow
Weapn Fin. dagger  Dex Att
Weapon focus bow +1 Att
5th.) Precise Shot melee att
9th.) Track track
13th.)  .

Weapon Prof:  
Composite short bow

Skills (63 points initial) - * cross class skill
Skill Total Ability Ability Mod Rank

Animal empathy

11 Chr +3 8


7 Dex +4 3


5 Con +1 4


4 Int +3 1


7 Int +3 4


10 Dex +4 6

Handle animal (+2syn)

6 Chr +3 1


5 Wis  +3 2

Hide (+4 due to size)

17 Dex +4 9
Innuendo (+2 syn)* 6 Wis  +3 1(2)
Knowledge-nature* 4 Int +3 1(2)
Listen 9 Wis  +3 6
Move silently 18 Dex +4 14
Pick pocket 17 Dex +4 13
Ride 8 Dex +4 4
Search 10 Int +3 7
 Sense motive  7 Wis  +3  4
 Spot  16 Wis(+5) +3  8
 Wild lore (tracking)  9 Wis  +3  6

Weapon Dam Total Base Dex Str Bonus Critical Type
+1 composite shortbow "hornbow" 1d6+1 +12 +5/-- +4 ---- +3 *3 Piercing
+2 dagger of petrification 1d4 +4 +5/-- +0 -1/-1 +1(+3) 19-20/*2 Slashing
Innate Spells: (Save = 10 + chr mod (+3) + spell level)      [SR16]
0th Level [6+0]

 Story Info:

  1.  Dancing Lights  Acquaintances: Erin the Bloodguard
1st Level [5+1]      Abruthar the Druid
  1.  Detect Chaos      Artemis the Horse (of Abruthar)
  2.  Detect Law  Deeping Valley (South of HeathMoors) 
  3.  Detect Good      always spring there
  4.  Detect Evil  Knights of Dawn (restarted by Vash)
  5.  Entangle  Homeland: The Orlon Wood (West of Eden)
2nd Level [5+1]  +1 to chosen attribute from Druid's Blessing
  1.  Detect Thoughts  searching the lair of the Biomancer
3rd Level [4+1]      Army of A__ is moving to aid Eden
  1.  Dispel Magic   (me: 1d20+my lvl vs. DC 11+enemy lvl)  
4th Level [3+0]  
  1.  Confusion (touch only)  
  2.  Polymorph Self (medium size max.)  
6th Level [0+0]  
  1.  Permanent Image (visual and auditory elements only)  
8th Level [0+0]  
  1.  Otto's Irresistible Dance (can't cast it yet!)  
Herbs for Sleep Arrows
Hops(14): II Valerian Root (10): II Red Clover(7): I Passion Flower (5): III
Cherished Items: Magic: Wealth:
  Caterpillar Silk Shirt
  Blink dog Cape
  Gold (thimble) shot glass
  Kiss of Laura Lye the Air Fey
  Ragweed pollen in pouch
  Kiss of Wood Nymph
  Owlbear Coat from Kin (Kituri)
  Trained Giant Wasp for Riding
    with Gold Saddle and Stirrups

  Bracers +4
  +1 Hornbow from the Dream King
  +2 Dagger of Petrification  "Medusa's Touch"
  Arrows: Sleep ( 4 ); Forget (__)
  Celestial Diamond
  Twiggy-twig golem?
  Ring of Sustenance
  Wand of Enlarge (10th level) charges: 7
  Wand of Lightning (10th level) charges: 10
  Wand of Magic Missle (10th level) charges: 12
  Goggles of the Eagle (+5 Spot)
  Ring of Minor Fire Resistance (-15 due to fire)
  7*100 gp Tradebars
  50 gp nugget
  70 gp

Species Background:

Pixie (MM). Pixies may be found in isolated sylvan woodlands at all elevations. Playful creatures, they bear no ill will toward anyone and are very curious folk as a general rule. The tricks for which they are famous are never calculated to do great harm, but are only meant to provide amusement or to lead enemies away. If forced to actually harm a creature, pixies (who are able to attack and remain invisible) employ small bows from a maximum distance of 30’. Apart from the normal war arrow, there are two special ones they may use if the need arises, as noted in the Monster Manual. Due to their ability to cast ESP and know alignment, pixies always know when an enemy is present. Likewise, they always know the best sorts of jokes to play. Pixies are particularly adept at creating an illusion of someone’s heart’s desire, only to have it melt away when touched. Those who heartily accept the pixies’ jokes can often make friends with the little creatures after their initial pranks. These patient individuals are made guests of honor at pixie feasts of nuts and fruits. Pixies usually dwell in small, balconied twig-houses that hang from the branches of large trees (although pixies in colder climates often place their homes in handy caves). They are certainly among the most magical of faeries, and pixie royalty is especially so. Pixie kings are said to be able to use one magic-user spell each of levels 1-7, while pixie queens may do likewise with druidic spells. Set up: In a high mountain glen, the adventurers are discovered by a group of invisible pixies. While a fighter in the front rank catches sight of and climbs up to fetch a magnificent sword stuck high in a tree (an illusion, of course), a magic-user observes his dagger floating up just out of arm’s reach. All hear the giggling voices of many small creatures. If the group handles the encounter with a sense of humor, the pixies can make up for the incident by providing information on ruins or a monster’s lair the party seeks within the forest—after a proper period of feasting, that is.

Sprite (MM). Some believe sprites are cousins of the pixie race, although they are not as magically versatile as and are a bit larger than pixies, as well as shyer. It is a common myth that sprites, who are able to detect good/evil, slay evil creatures on sight. It is more typical of them to fire envenomed arrows at such intruders, putting them to sleep. The sprites then remove the creature’s goods and leave the creature bound some distance away. Sprites have also been known to bring evil intruders to a local druid or dryad that they trust, leaving disposition of the sleeping prisoner to him or her. Only under extreme circumstances will sprites kill a helpless creature of any sort. Sprites aren’t much more enthusiastic over good creatures who venture close to their glens; they will almost always hide, resorting to their sleep arrows only if disturbed. Sleeping victims are then removed from the sprites’ lairs (which usually consist of large hollows carved into great trees) in the hope they will go elsewhere upon awakening. Set up: An adventuring party containing an evil character wanders too close to a meadow frequented by sprites. As a result, all are put to sleep by invisible archers. The good or neutral party members later awaken in a valley a mile away to find their comrade gone. They eventually discover the evil compatriot held securely by a nearby treant, whom they must deal with in order to free their companion.

Faerie dragon (MM2). Among the most unusual of dragons is this mischievous creature, the origin of which has long been in doubt. Some believe the faerie dragon is merely an unusual cousin of the pseudo-dragon, while others believe it a creation of the Faerie Queen. Most of Rhiannon’s druids, however, consider faerie dragons to be creatures usually native to the Realm of Faerie; just how they get to the Prime Material plane is still a mystery. It is believed by some that faerie dragons are part of the Faerie Queen’s troupe when she leaves her realm to visit some of her "children." These curious little dragons probably wander off from the gathering and merely forget to return home. Having thereby found a new place to live, faerie dragons either frolic about for a time or spend a few days enjoying the sun. Eventually, they build lairs within the hollows or branches of large trees. As their sense of humor is foremost among their talents, faerie dragons often choose to dwell with a group of fun-loving pixies, increasing the effectiveness of their jokes on outsiders all the more. Unlike others of dragonkind, faerie dragons do not covet large amounts of treasure. To be sure, they delight in sparkling objects such as jewels, but such treasures take second place to the faerie dragon’s first and greatest love-baked sweets. Just as leprechauns fancy fine wines, faerie dragons have sweet tooths that often prove to be too much for them. The lengths to which faerie dragons will go to get at these delights (pure honey for one, or baked apple pie, which is the ultimate) are legendary.

The Faerie Queen. Almost all faeries trace their origin to the nature goddess Rhiannon, who created them in an ancient time predating recorded history. The Faerie Queen dwells within an alternate Prime Material plane consisting of endless magical forests, glens, and rivers. The few mortals to have journeyed there relate that even the most beautiful of sylvan woodlands pale in comparison to the indescribable splendor of Rhiannon’s kingdom. No instances, for example, are known of anyone’s desiring to return home after having caught a glimpse of the Realm of Faerie, although it is apparently impossible for mortals to remain there for more than a short time. There are said to be many gates into Rhiannon’s world. For instance, a doorway in the side of a small hill that opens into the sumptuous and magical den of a leprechaun is thought to be one example of how pockets of the Faerie Realm coexist so closely with the world of mortals. It is true, however, that while faeries of all sorts can see and venture through the otherwise invisible gates into the Faerie Realm, only Rhiannon’s messengers (the sylphs) may shift between planes at will. The path for mortals to take into the Realm of Faerie, then, is most always through a gate shown them by a faerie creature—none of whom will do so except under the most unique circumstances.

RHIANNON (Queen of Faeries)
Greater goddess
MOVE: Infinite
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to natural forces; never surprised
SYMBOL: Spiral
PLANE: Prime Material (alternate)
PRIEST: 35th-level druid
MAGE: 35th-level mage
ROGUE: 30th-level bard
PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil (immune to psionics)

Rhiannon always appears as an indescribably beautiful elven creature with a pair of gossamer wings. She is adorned with wreaths of holly and floral garnishings, and her most striking feature is her long, flowing hair, which changes color with the seasons: yellow in spring, brown in summer, red in fall, and white in winter. About her flitter a number of songbirds whose chirpings have a calming effect on all beings, making even the most hostile or evil creature passive and docile when within 20’ of the Faerie Queen. Rhiannon is also attended by a host of faerie creatures, including: 2-8 faerie dragons, 2-12 korred guards, and 3-18 sylph messengers (all with maximum hit points). No fairy or normal animal will harm her, nor is she affected by any sort of force found in nature (fire, electricity, etc.). At will, she can summon or control weather. She may also summon 1-4 of any sort of faeries to aid her if she desires. Rhiannon occasionally leaves her realm to hold court in sylvan forests where many of her "children" dwell. During these visits, it is a rarity that any but faeries attend, although she has been known to favor a single of her high-level druids with an audience at such gatherings. The Faerie Queen greatly resents uninvited visitors to these events, and the usual fate of intruders who tarry and observe is to be turned to trees, animals, or faeries at her discretion (a save vs. spells at -6 is allowed—unless faced on her own plane). She does, however, appear to show great latitude toward maidens who are pure of heart who seek her out. On rare occasions when she is successfully found by a mortal girl, there is a 5% chance that the maiden is granted a wish if she pleases the Queen of Faerie with a song or vivid tale of her adventures while seeking her out. It is this favor toward good-aligned maidens that permits some druids of Rhiannon (all of whom are female) to be of good alignment. Druids of Rhiannon use a slightly different experience table than do normal druids, and receive a number of special bonuses and abilities in addition to losing some powers usually gained by other druids. See Tables 1 and 2 for details.