Lester the Jester

Race: 1/2 elf

Class: Jester Level: 7

XP: 24,440

Next: 28,000 Align: Nuetral
Age:  210  Ht/Wt: 4'8" Gender: Male 

Saving Throws
  [+. Con/+. Dex/ +. Wis]

Saving Throws:






Fortitude (Con.):






Reflex (Dex.):






Will (Wis.)






Ability Scores


 9 -1


 16 +3 


 12 +1


 17 +3


 12 +1


 18 +4 


 HP: 29+7







Natural AC


+7 Bracer






Skills (110 points) Total Abil Ability Rank

 Alchemy (N)

 Appraise    Int    
 Balance   Dex   10 
 Bluff   Chr    


  Str    10
 Concentration    Con    

 Craft (___)

 Decipher Script (N)   Int    
 Diplomacy   Cha    10
 Disable Device (N)   Int    
 Disguise   Cha    10
 Escape Artist   Dex    2
 Forgery   Int    
 Gather Info   Cha    
 Handle Animal (N)   Cha    10
 Heal   Wis    
 Hide   Dex    
 Innuendo (N)   Wis    
 Intimidate   Cha    
 Intuit Direction (N)   Wis    
 Jump   Str    

 Knowl (Arcana) (N)


 Knowl (Architectr) (N)

Skills (___points) Total Abil Ability Rank

 Knowl (Dungeonerng) (N)

 Knowl (Religion) (N)   Int    

 Knowl (Nature) (N)


 Knowl (all skills) (N)

 Listen   Wis    
 Move Silently   Dex    
 Open Lock (N)   Dex    
 Perform--Comedy   Cha   10
 Pick Pocket (N)   Dex  
 Profession (N)   Wis    
 Read Lips (N)   Int   10 
 Ride   Dex    





 Sense Motive

 Sleight of Hand (N)   Dex   10 

 Spellcraft (N)



  Wis   10 
 Swim    Str    
 Tumble (N)   Dex    10
 Use Mag. Device (N)   Cha    
 Use Rope   Dex    
 Wilderness Lore   Wis    
Weapon total magic feats Base Str Critical Dam


Jester abilities:
1. new language every odd level
2. +3 to initiative due to outrageousness
3. +1 to saves due to good luck
4. climb walls "75+2%/lvl"
5. Pick Pockets
6. +/-10% to morale (no save) if performing
7. Immune to insanity of any sort
8. Can juggle and can catch and throw back if within ten feet, 80+1%/lvl
9. at 16th lvl cast scrolls as 10th lvl rogue same fail chance (but only 10% backfire on jester)
10. ventriloquism 10'indoors/30'outdoors 10%/int > jester
11. acrobatics& evade all melee blows double dex bonus/rd no other actions possible, even if loose initiative.
Hum. Common
Hum. Gnome
int: Draconic (kobold, liz, drag, trog)
int: Dwarvish
int: Elvish
1. Goblin (gob, hob, Bugbear)
3. Orchish
5. Gnoll
7. Halfling 

Jester restrictions:
1. only leather armor, can use small shields
2. weapons: clubs, daggers, scimitars, slings, staves, swords (long, short, broad), oil, poison (if evil)
3. attack as thief, no backstabbing
4. init 2 weapons +1/4 lvl. (-3 nonprof penalty)
5. magic weapons, weapons usable by all, jester magic items
6. wand of wonder, uses no charges, +5%/lvl to control
7. spell use (enchantment/charm) 1%/lvl backfire, research
Jester stuff:
Goblin armor
Bugbear armor
Orc armor

Minor: reduction 1ft/lvl
detect magic 5%/lvl
animal telepathy
Magic Items:
+3 Longsword--Mironus:  Int 14;  Ego 8;  Align NG
   formerly sword of Sir Frederick of the Wolnars 12th cavalier
   speaks dwarvish, gnomes, NG alignment tongue
   det traps of large size 10' radius
   detect evil/good 10' radius
   getect gems, kind, and number 5' radius
   glows at full strength, light spell
   shrieks if someone approaches it (that it doesnt know)
   can "see" through gem in hilt
+1 flame tongue short sword
4x +3 darts
Dart of Homing
Dart of Hornet's Nest

+2 cloak of protection
+6 bracers

Lens of Ultra vision
Instrument of the Bards "Fochlucan Bandore"
Wand of Wonder Type I, II, III, IV (Dragon #147)
Boots of Elvenkind
Cloak of Elvenkind
Nihadrin Broach--elf friend, mithril silver
Necklace of Adaptation
3 Kobold Magic Gem (reusable if not slain)
Deep Pockets Pouch
Bag of tricks
Necklace with Lens of Ultravision
Magic Flute--plays any song.  Sentient

Ring of Shocking Grasp 1d8+6 damage
Ring of Spell Turning
Ring of Free Action
+3 Ring of protection
Ion Stones
     +1 to level
     regenerate 1 hp/lvl
     absorb 1-4 lvl spell 32 spell lvls
     burned out--adds 10 psp
     burned out--adds 10 psp

Pot/Cauldron of Travel
     MV 36" at 45' above ground
     absorb 1-4 spell levels
Invisible Servant
     permanent connection to Pot


Jester Outfit
Jester Hat
spider silk shirt (elven red sunburst)
lg sack
small pouch
   rabbits foot, 4 leaf clover
bone scroll case
Jester Wand with hidden dagger inside
Jesters case:
   Magnifying glass
   brass bell
   2 bags of marbles
   ball of string
   5 spikes
   3 oil


     The Jester on one of his more unusual quests captured a Leprechaun and took his gold.  He forced the Leprechaun to teach him how to use the Wands of Wonder and choose what spell was cast forth.  He then released the Fey.
     Dragon #141: pg 38-40 “Note that, in the hands of a leprechaun (see wand IV, effect 85-87), a wand of wonder is very dangerous, as he is able to create any effect he so wishes upon command. This is also said to be true of jesters (see the Best of DRAGON® Magazine Anthology, Vol. IV).”

      Dragon #147 listed the four types of wands of wonder.

Wand of Wonder I
01-10: The creature pointed at is slowed for 1 turn.
11-18: The wielder is deluded for 1 round, as per a potion of delusion, into believing the wand functions as indicated by a second die roll.
19-25: The wand creates a double-force gust of wind.
26-30: The wand creates a stinking cloud at 3” range.
31-33: Heavy rain falls for 1 round in a 6” radius of the wand wielder.
34-36: The wand summons a rhino (AC 6; MV 12”; HD 8 or 9; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8 or 2-12; SA charging, trampling; AL N) (01-25);
elephant (AC 6; MV 12” or 15”; HD 10 or 11; #AT 5; Dmg 2-12/2-12/2-12/2-12/2-12 or 2-16/2-16/2-12/2-12/2-12; AL N) (26-50);
or large mouse (AC 7; MV 15”; HD ½; hp 1; #AT 1; Dmg 1; AL N) (51-100).
37-46: The wand fires a lightning bolt (7” X 1/2’) as per a wand of lightning.
47-49: A stream of 600 large butterflies pour forth and flutter around for 2
rounds, blinding everyone (including  the wielder); they then disappear.
50-53: The target, if within 6” of the wand, is enlarged.
54-58: Darkness is cast in a 3”-diameter hemisphere at 3” distance from the wand.
59-62: Grass grows in an area of 16" square before the wand, or grass existing there grows to 10 times its normal size.
63-65:  Vanish is cast upon any nonliving object of up to 1,000 lbs. mass and up to 30 cubic feet in size (the object becomes ethereal).
66-69: The wand wielder is diminished to one-twelfth his normal height, as per a potion of diminution.
70-79: A fireball is cast, as per a wand of fireballs.
80-84: Invisibility covers the wand wielder.
85-87: Leaves grow from the target if it is within 6" of the wand.
88-90: 10-40 gems of 1-gp base value shoot forth in a 3” -long stream, causing 1 hp damage each to any creature in their path. Roll 5d4 for the number of hits on the target. Gems that miss go on to strike the being immediately behind the target, with hits determined as above, until all gems hit or the spell’s range is reached.
91-97: Shimmering colors dance and play over a 4” X 3” area in front of the wand; creatures therein are blinded for l-6 rounds.
98-00: Flesh to stone (or the reverse, if the target is stone) is cast on the target, if the target is within 6" of the wand.

Wand of Wonder II
01-10: The wand shoots forth a web as per the spell (the wand acts as one anchor point).
11-18: The wand shocks the wielder as per a shocking grasp spell; the wielder must make a dexterity check on ld20 at -2 to keep holding the wand.
19-25: Reverse gravity affects the target and all within a 3” radius (including the caster, if close enough) for 2-5 rounds.
26-30: Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter affects the target creature.
31-33: 800 small rubber balls (each 1 actual inch in diameter) rain down for 1-4 rounds within a 3” radius of the wielder, causing all in the area to make a dexterity check on ld20 or trip and fall. The balls remain in the area, causing further checks at the start of each round of combat, until they are carried or swept away.
34-36: The wand summon; a large dove (AC 7; MV 1"/36” (MC: D); HD ½; #AT 1; Dmg 1; AL N) (01-25);
a large rabbit (AC 6; MV 18”; HD ½; #AT 1; Dmg 1; AL N) (26-50);
or a large iguana (AC 4; MV 18"//6”; HD 3; #AT 1; Dmg l-4; AL N) (51-00).
37-46: The wand casts chain lightning at the target.
47-49: The target creature and the wielder are covered in liquid chocolate.
50-53: Haste affects the target.
54-58: The wand casts hold monster at the target.
59-62: Suds flow from the ground in a 9" radius around the wielder for 2-5 rounds, at 3 cubic feet per round. The suds are either from soap (01-25) or beer (26-00).
63-65: The target creature is polymorphed as per a wand of polymorphing into a random creature (01-75; DM selects any random-monster table and rolls there-on) or nonliving item (76-00; DM selects any table from Appendix 1 in the DMG and rolls thereon).
66-69: The wand wielder spins clockwise (01-50) or counterclockwise (51-00) for 1-4 rounds and must make a dexterity check on 1d20 in order to move or act each round thereafter for 1-4 rounds.
70-79: The wand heals the wielder for 1-8 hp if he is wounded.
80-84: The wand fires a magic missile as per a wand of magic missiles.
85-97: The target inflates like a balloon for 1-4 rounds and deflates for another 1-4 rounds; only living material of up to 1,000 lbs. is affected (the object will not float in the air).
88-90: The wand stretches out and bites the target for 2-12 hp damage (treat as 6 + 4 HD creature; maximum range 9”).
91-97: The wand wielder breathes fire as per a randomly determined potion of fire breathing (only one breath use is allowed).
98-00: The target is disintegrated as per the spell.

Wand of Wonder III
01-10: Scare is cast at the target.
11-18: The wielder is affected by an irritating rash for l-4 rounds, reducing his dexterity to 3.
19-25: Darkness affects the target every other round for 3-10 rounds.
26-30: Fumble affects the target at double-normal duration.
31-33: The wand begins to gripe about the wielder’s treatment of it, loudly complaining about the bad working conditions, the lousy pay, the long working hours, etc. (this effect is similar to that of a magic mouth; the wand is not actually sentient).
34-36: The wand summons a buzzard (AC 6; MV 3”/27” (MC: E); HD 1 +1; #AT 1; Dmg 1-2; AL N) (01-25);
giraffe (AC 7; MV 24”; HD 5; #AT 2; Dmg 1-4/1-4; AL N) (26-50);
or large kitten (AC 6; MV 5”; HD ½; hp 1; #AT 3; Dmg l/l/l; SA rear claws for l/l; AL N) (51-00).
37-46: A delayed blast fireball takes effect from the point of casting, with a delay time of 5-50 segments.
47-49: The target and wielder are “exchanged” —i.e., the wielder takes the place of the target, and the target takes the place of the wielder, exchanging clothes, equipment, etc., but otherwise retaining their normal physical appearances.
50-53: Confusion affects the target.
54-58: Mirror image affects the target.

59-62: The target begins to recite very bad  poetry for 2-8 rounds, taking no other action unless attacked, as if requested to do so under a charm spell.
63-65: A dust devil is summoned (AC 4; MV 18"; HD 2; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4; SA/SD see Unearthed Arcana, page 34, for details; AL N) and attacks the target as per the dust devil spell.
66-69: Jump affects the wielder randomly (roll for a random direction, and roll ld3 for distance (1 = 10’, 2 = 20’, and 3 = 30’). The wielder can jump only 10’ backward.
70-79: A force cage affects the target.
80-84: The wielder is affected by a strength spell.
85-87: The target’s weapon becomes a teddy bear (01-25), a leg of mutton (26-50), a ladle (51-75), or a herring (76-00).  If the target has no weapon, choose another possession. If the target has no possessions, roll again, ignoring this result.
88-90: The wand spews colorless slime in a cone 3” wide and 6” long, affecting the area as a grease spell.
91-97: Fear (01-50) or faerie fire (51-00) affects the target.
98-00: An incendiary cloud affects the target area.

Wand of Wonder IV
01-10: A chromatic orb affects the target.
11-18: The wielder is affected as if he had imbibed a philter of stammering & stuttering.
19-25: The wand creates a flaming sphere which affects the target.
26-30: A ray of enfeeblement affects the target.
31-33: The wand causes a pillow (01-25), small table (26-75), or anvil (76-00) to appear over the target’s head. The pillow causes no damage; the table causes l-6 hp damage (as a club); and the anvil causes 3-30 hp damage, plus the target must make a constitution check on ld20 at -4 or be knocked unconscious for 2-12 turns.
34-36: The wand summons a ugly painting (01-25), bellows (26-50), or a storm giant’s boot (51-00).
37-46: The wand affects the target as per a ring of the ram (3 charges expended at once).
47-49: The wand fires 2-6 cream puffs at the target, doing no damage.
50-53: The target is imbued with improved invisibility
54-58: Fascinate affects the target, who focuses on the wielder.
59-62: The wand causes the target’s nose to grow 10 times its normal size for 2-6 rounds.
63-65: The target is affected as if a potion of gaseous form was imbibed.
66-69: The wielder levitates uncontrollably, always heading upward until the spell duration is reached (at which point the wielder falls).
70-79: Evard’s black tentacles takes effect around the the target.
80-84: The wielder is affected by a stoneskin spell.
85-87: The wand summons a leprechaun (AC 8; MV 15”; HD 1 - 1; hp 2-5; #AT nil; SA/SD spells, theft, 80% magic resistance (see Monster Manual, page 60); AL N). The DM should play the leprechaun to the hilt, trying to gain control of the wand that summoned him and causing complete chaos for as long as possible.
88-90: A randomly chosen item on the target’s person sprouts wings and attacks another enemy target for 2-3 rounds as a 6 +4 HD creature. Only small hand-held objects are so affected, and the DM should decide what the item is and what its combat statistics are (see the animate object spell).
91-97: The wand fizzles for 2-4 rounds, then causes a hypnotic pattern to appear, affecting all within range who gaze upon it.
98-00: A cone of cold affects the target area at double-normal damage.