The Good Magician Palfrey

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Classes: Wiz/AchM/2?

Levels: 20/5/2 Height: 5'11"

XP: 352,205

Alignment: LN Weight: 150 lbs.

Next Lvl: 378,000

Age: Immortal  (looks 72 years old)

Saving Throws  [+3 Wis/+0 Dex/+5 ring/+2 Staff/+1 Robe] (SR17/23) 

Saving Throws:



Ability Mod

Magic Mod

Temp Mod

Fortitude (Con.):






Reflex (Dex.):






Will (Wis.)






Ability Scores




























Perm. Spells.

Comprehend Languages  

Detect. Magic
Prot Arrows
Read Magic
See Invisible


Natural armor class


+6 Bracer


+2 Staff 


+4 Mage Armor (cast)


+5 Robe of ArchMagi




+5 Ring of Protection




Weapon Prof.

Simple Weapons 

Exotic Weapon:    Long Sword


1. Scribe Scroll
1. Spell Focus-Alter
1. Spell Focus-Invoc
3. Crft Wond Item
5m. Empower
6. Skill Focus-SpCrft
9. Craft Rod
10m.  Quicken Spell
12. Forge Ring
15. Craft Staff
15m. Enlarge Spell
18. Create Portals
20m. Maximize Spell
21.  Brew Potion
23. Spell Mastery
26. Spell Mastery

+4 Init
 +2 Spell
*2 range

Skill(260 points) Total Abil Ability Rank


28 Int +8


Concentration (+2)

32 Con +2


Craft (Watch)

38 Int +8


Knowl (Arcana)

38 Int +8


Knowl (Engineering)

20 Int +8


Knowl (Golems) 20 Int +8


Knowl (Nature)

20 Int +8


Knowl (Physics)

38 Int +8


Knowl (Planar Travl)

26 Int +8



28 Int +8



10 Int +8


Sense Motive*

4 Wis +3


Spellcraft (+2)

38 Int +8



14 Wis +3


4 Epic Benefits (included in 4 ArchMage):
  +1/+1/+1 spell level
  +1 Ability (Intelligence)
5 ArchMage Arcana:
  ArchMage: Mastery of Shaping (6th)
  ArchMage: Arcane Reach (7th)
  ArchMage: Mastery of Elements (8th)
  ArchMage: Arcane Fire (9th)
  ArchMage: Mastery of Counterspelling (10th)
Weapon Base Strength Critical Damage Type
+2 Staff of Power +11/+6/+1 -1/-1 *2 1d6+2 Bludgeon

Wizard Spells Selected: (Note Spellbook/Library contains all standard spells 1-9, from Baba Yaga)
     Note: spells listed as ** do not need to be relearned from spellbook due to Spell Mastery Feat

1st Level    [ 4+2 ]


5th Level    [ 4+1 ]

  1. Magic Missile**    1. Permanency** 
  2.     2.  
  3.     3.  
  4.     4.  
  5.     5. 
  6.  

6th Level   [ 4+1 ]


2nd Level   [ 4+2 ]

    1. Contingency** 
  1. Arcane Lock**    2. Globe of Invunerability** 
  2.     3. Mass Haste** 
  3.  


  4.     5.  ArchMage: Mastery of Shaping 
  5.  

7th Level   [ 4+1 ]

  6.     1. Delayed Blast Fireball** 

3rd Level   [ 4+2 ]

    2. PlaneShift** 
  1. Dispel Magic**    3. Teleport without Error** 
  2.     4.  ArchMage: Counterspelling 
  3.     5.  ArchMage: Arcane Reach 
  4.  

8th Level   [ 4+1 ]

  5.     1. Polymorph any Object** 
  6.     2.    

4th Level   [ 4+2 ]

    3.  
  1. Arcane Eye**    4.  
  2.     5.  ArchMage: Mastery of Elements 
  3.  

9th Level   [ 4 ]

  4.     1. Foresight** 
  5.     2. Time Stop** 
  6.     3. Wish**  
      4. ArchMage: Arcane Fire 
          Temporal Stasis**    

10th Level Elminster's Evasn (9th)


11th Level


12th Level

Magic Items 
   +6 Bracers
   +2 Staff of Power (+2 AC, +2 Sv)
   Staff of the Magi (+2 AC, +2 Sv, SR23)
   Robe of the ArchMagi-Gray (yellow) 
       (+5 AC, SR 17, +1 Sv)
       (+Mantle of Celestian powers)
   Golden rope (belt) of Constitution +2
   Infinite Spellbook (Bag of Holding Technology)
       (Inscribed with all standard spells of 1-9 level)
        Sentient: Int 18
        Powers: Levitation, compr. lang. (on reader)
   Palfrey's Pocket Watch of Time (Artifact)
   Hat of Dragon's Eye (as Robe of Eyes)
   Daern's Instant Fortress
   Crystal Ball with Telepathy   
   Emperor's Ring (Allows use of multiple rings)
   +5 Ring of Protection
   Ring of Wizardry I
   Ring of Wizardry IV
   Ring of Spell Turning
   Portable Hole
   Field Pavilion
   Caravan, Talisman Servant (Dragon 242)
Platinum Centaur-animated golem  6HD   AC20  with 
   +3 spear-flametongue
In Castle
In meditation room, two figures playing chess, anyone entering the room not saying "Greetings Maribus and Entulesse" will be hit with Magic Mouth saying "You will die for daring to disturb me!"
Marble statue of Entulesse prepared with a summon object spell t/o appear when he snaps left hand and says "come to me." wearing:
   +3 elven chainmail
    sword of sharpness
   +1 bow with 1 score quiver of silver arrows
Marble statue of Palfrey prepared with a summon object spell to appear when he snaps right hand and says "come to me." wearing:
   +4 cloak of protection
   Staff of the Magi
Broom of Flying "Agatha"
Broom of Cleaning "Mr. Clean"
Broom of Animated Attack "Fido"
Efreeti Bottle
Dao Bottle
Censer Controlling Fire Elementals
Sentient Carnivorous Plant Large "Audrey II"
Rug of Smothering

Library of Magical Research:  Incredible Library!
   worth 600,000 gp in value
   Palfrey owes Ratking, 300K magic, or 200K gold

Flesh Golem "Jameson" in servants clothes 9HD 40hp

Wealth:  122,000 gp

       The Good Magician Palfrey (as he is known in the Known World), Maribus the Magi in the Northern Lands, and Entulessλ (“return”) Feadiel to the elves, was born a human.  He started his career in Magic due to his extreme intelligence and aptitude for the arcane.  He was schooled in the arts at The Great School of Magic in Glantri.  His personal field of interest in graduate studies was Planar Physics and Time Travel, and Chronomancy became his chosen specialty.  Legends and Arcane Lore was also a secondary specialty and he is considered one of the great sages in this field of knowledge.
        Unfortunately, rather late in Palfrey’s career, due his exorbitant spending of money on research and experiments, he ran out of money.  So he scryed his old adventuring companions, and found them in the midst of an intense battle with a powerful demi-lich.  Hoping for a piece of treasure in return for his services, he teleported into the fury of battle.  In the end, the forces of good triumphed over the forces of evil, and Palfrey’s friends were victorious. 
       Things did not go so well for Palfrey.  Essentially his soul had been ripped into the eye gem of the demi-lich and his body destroyed.  Fearing his soul, the friends looked for a body to transfer the body into, as the light in the gem was quickly beginning to fade.  The only body available was that of a long dead elf named Quillian Elmgrower.  The dead elf was contacted through a speak with dead spell, and he agreed to the inhabitation of his form by that of the elderly mage.  But he had one demand, to be allowed to complete an unfinished mission for his people.  Having little choice, the party agreed, and the soul transference was completed.
       Palfrey was thus in a new body, albeit an elven one.  He had the physical characteristics of the new body and only his conscious attributes remained.  The elven mind however, did take control of Palfrey and geased him to complete the adventure the elf had failed to complete.  Much of the memories of the old elf were transposed into Palfrey over this period, and it was difficult to know who was who.
       When the mission was completed, the elf left with his blessing.  However, by a cruel twist of fate, the memories did not.  It was as if being in the body of an elf causes one to think like an elf.  One can see then how difficult this could be on the mind of Palfrey.  It was for this reason that many found the old mage so peculiar; there was most definitely an alter-ego in his mind.  
       Palfrey thus had a tendency to fade between both personalities, sometimes enjoying the life of an elf, other times polymorphing his shape to his former human self when he thought of humanity.  It was thus very important to remember that Palfrey could exist in two forms, and have more than one personality, personalities that would often vacillate between the two rather rapidly at times.  Many were the times adventurers were cursed by a young elf for not appreciating all the elderly mage had done for them, for often the personality known as Palfrey had forgotten what form he was in…
       But the old chronomancer had time on his side.  All the time in the world in fact.  He cast several critical spells and made minor changes to the past.  Obtained a piece of flesh from an earlier self.  Made a clone of that body.  Casting variant forms of Magic Jar and Wish ensured his transforming would occur without difficulty.  And indeed it worked as planned.  His fractured mind was no longer.  He retained the memories relayed by the elf, but they did not exert much influence on his Palfrey personality.  They were merely memories of another life that could be drawn on at will.  It did leave him with an appreciation for the elven way of life, and he visits the elven people often in his innumerable travels.
       After completing this re-transformation, Palfrey began his life’s work.  He constructed an artifact.  The Chronomancer’s Pocket Watch.  Encased in Adamantite by the Dwarves of the Granite Mountain, and decorated in Mithril enscribed by the Feadeil elves, the timepiece is actually a self maintained spatial bubble with all manner of intricate inner gears pulleys and springs fit into a 50 ft square room.  Its center gemstone is a perfect ruby one foot across worth 1 million gold pieces taken from the Gemstone of the Sky (Dungeon adventure ?) and replaced with a preserved dragon’s heart to maintain the Gemstone’s levitation stability.  
       All clockwork pieces inside the watch are made of pure Adamantite to ensure maximum stability over time.  The watch fob is a perfect stone and enchanted to be a spellpoint storing mechanism to ensure magic ability if the watch is transported to a nonmagic plane of existence.  The watch has eight dials, which allow for selection of innumerable planes of travel.  And the watch faceplace can allow for selection of time within a given plane.  It can be set to travel forward, backwards without much difficulty and has many preset memory values for quick shifting around in time.
       Palfrey’s first travel was to the moment before time existed.  Time -1.  There he met the Temporal Hag weaving the loom of all existence.  He severed his own temporal cord with her permission (she loves apple pie) so that he could be independent of temporal anomalies.  Any temporal raiders attempting to murder off an earlier form of the wizard, would not effect the current Wizard Palfrey’s existence, he they would end in failure.  It also had the effect of severing the aging effects of time on the elderly wizard, making it impossible for him to age further.  He is thus immortal for all practical purposes, but not immune to the affects of sickness and random accidents.  
       He also knows, this life will be his last, as no resurrection will be possible if he should die.  He is content in this knowledge, knowing that indeed he can have an end to his immortal existence if such was the way of fate.  The servant death has agreed to this as well, knowing all too well the tiring aspect of powerful adventurers returning from death seemingly willy nilly through the use of magic.
       Also in Time -1 he gained a familiar.  A temporal Raven.  A large albino Raven approx two feet in height.  The creature is sentient and highly intelligent, fluent in many languages, and can sense planar gates and temporal anomalies at will.  It is not clear their purpose, but the Temporal Ravens travel from plane to plane, throughout time, and often are the witnesses to significant events throughout history.  It is for this reason they are seen as ill omens or good tidings in many cultures, depending on the outcome of the significant event.
       Palfrey now travels the planes throughout time and is currently studying physics under Professor Einstein at Princeston University 1932--Earth time.  In 1955, he gave him the opportunity to continue his studies in another plane of existence; the body was replaced with a clone that appeared to die soon after.  But Einstein was healed of his ills by a powerful cleric friend and continues his studies and debates regularly with Newton and Data the Android in the Temporal Research Institute of the Planes (T.R.I.P.).  
       And they all lived happily forever before.