Percival the Brave              6/1/12

Race: 1/2ling

Class: R/GateCrasher Level: 13/1

XP: 315,000

Next: 425,000 Align:  CN
Age:  43  Ht/Wt: 2'10"52lbs Gender: M 

Saving Throws  [+2 Con/+6 Dex/ -1 Wis]

Saving Throws:






Fortitude (Con.):





+4 poison

Reflex (Dex.):





+4 traps

Will (Wis.)






Ability Score25



























HP: 53+26



Sneak attack
trap sense +4
L1. 2 weap fightng
RT2. fast stealth
L3. Weap Finess

1/2; 0 dam
toReflex sv
full move
dex to att
RT4. trap spotter
L5. Uncanny Dodge
RT6. surprise attack
L7. Mobility
10' of trap
nvr flat foot
opp flat ftd
dex to hit
L8. Imp Unc Dodge
RT8. bleeding attack
L9. Spring attack
ART10. Impr evasion
no flanks
7hp/rd bld
1/2 if fail
ART12. slippery mind
L13. spec: Defen roll
L14. Analyze Portal*
L14. Bonus Lang-Gith
sv vs hold
roll c dam

Stoutish Halfing:
infravision 60 feet
notice grade 75%
det direction 50%
surpr if 90' front 66%
surprise door 33%



Natural AC


Bracers +8


Ring +3


Dexterity 23




Skills (154 points) Total Abil Ability Rank
 Acrobatics* 20 Dex +5  12
 Appraise  * 10 Int +3  4
 Bluff * 16 Chr +3 10


14 Str +0 11

 Craft (gemcutting)*

7 Int +3 1
 Diplomacy* 7 Cha +3 1
 Disable Device (N)* 20 Int +3 14
 Disguise* 7 Cha +3 1
 Escape Artist* 22 Dex +5 14
 Fly 5 Dex +5  
 Handle Animal (N) 15 Cha +3 9
 Heal -1 Wis  -1  
 Intimidate* 7 Cha +3 1

 Knowl (Arcana) (N)

  Int +3  
 Knowl(Dungeon) (N)* 15 Int +3 9

 Knowl (Engineering) (N)

  Int +3  

 Knowl (Geograph) (N)

  Int +3  

 Knowl (History) (N)

  Int +3  

 Knowl (Local) (N)*

15 Int +3 9
Skills (___points) Total Abil Ability Rank

 Knowl (Nature) (N)

  Int +3  

 Knowl (Nobility) (N)

  Int +3  
 Knowl (Religion) (N)   Int +3  

 Knowl (The Planes) (N)

  Int +3  
 Linguistics* 7 Int +3 1
 Perception* 16 Wis -1 14
 Perform* -  flute 7 Cha  +3 1
 Profession (N)Animal Breeder* 3 Wis -1 1
 Profession (N) - InnKeep* 3 Wis -1 1
 Profession (N) - Locksmith* 3 Wis -1 1
 Ride 6 Dex +5 1

 Sense Motive*

3 Wis -1 1
 Slight of Hand (N)* 22 Dex +5 14

 Spellcraft (N)

  Int +3  


22 Dex +5 14 
 Survival -1 Wis -1  
 Swim * 0 Str +0  
 Use Mag. Device (N) * 15 Cha +3 9
*Class skills
Weapon total magic feats Base Str Dex Critical Dam
+4 short sword of Quickness   +4   -2  +9/+4  +0 +6 19-20(x2) 1-6
+2 longtooth   +2   -2  +0 +6 19-20(x2) 1-6
+2 Sling of Seeking     +2     +0 +6

Stoutish Halfing characteristics:
     infravision 60 feet
     notice up/down grade 75%
     determine direction 50%
     surprise if 90' in advance 66%
     surprise through door 33%

+2 longtooth - wields like dagger
     dam as short swd
     cuts through wood/stone easy
+3 short sword of Lyons
     wearer invisible if sheathed 
     Spent 50,000 & +3 swd to upgrade
+4 short sword of Quickness
     locate object 1/d
     det. gems/mag/pure metals 5' 1/d
+2 dagger of Motrok Quickhand
     (guildmaster of thieves--dead)
     detect thieves 10' radius (not holder)
Deceptor's boots (rogue only item)
     ethereal 2/day (as potion)
     invisible 3/day (as ring)
     climbing 3/day (as potion)
+2 sling of seeking
20 Flame Bullets (+1d4 damage)
Potion of Poison 
     (4-10 hp dam-no sv)

Rod of Cancellation
Pair of Golden Lions (fig.wond.pwr)

Bag of Tricks (gray):

     01-30     Bat

     31-60     Rat

     61-75     Cat

     76-90     Weasel

       91-100   Badger
Amulet vs. Scrying & ESP (worn)
+4 proof vs. poison scarab (worn)
+8 Bracers of Armor
+3 Ring of Protection
Clothes (Robe) of Blending
     (alter self at will)
     (+10 to hide)
Ring of Telekinesis (worn)
Bag of Holding (250#)
Girdle of Many pouches
with 38,346 gp
Sheet of Smallness
Digger Machina (in sheet)
     fits gnome
     digs underground
Headband of Magic Detection
Mirror of Answering (1 quest/day)
Magic Hammer and Chisel
     dig through stone 10'/turn
Wand of Cure Mod. Wounds (26ch)
     [cure 2d8+11]
Circlet of Persuasion 
     (+3 to Chr checks)
Deep Red Ion stone (+2 Dex)
Magic Goggles:
     Eyes of the Eagle
     Gem of Seeing
          see out of phase objects
          5% chance of hallucination
     Eyes of Minute Seeing
Helm of opposite alignment
+4 Silver & Gold Cane Sword
     of planar travel (16 charges)
Well of Many Worlds
     blade barrier
     blade barrier
     burning hands
     commune with animal
     comprehend languages
     deep pockets
     enchanted weapon
     hold animal
     hold plant
     know alignment
     Leomund's secret chest
     magic missle
     plant door
     ray of frost
     remove curse
     rope trick
     shocking grasp

     nuetralize poison

2 syringe darts with sleep poison
     sv or sleep in 2 rounds
1 vial of alchemical glue
     bonds instantly
Pocket Watch (mechanical) with 
     diamond studded (2000gp)

Expert thief's picks and tools
2 padlocks (key on neck chain)
small chest (key on neck chain)
Magnifying glass (+2 to appraise)
Suction cup trip wire with poison
     sv vs poison or die
steel vial for poison needle collection
tarot cards

Sword of Lyons: This legendary invisible short sword is +1.  When it is sheathed, its wearer is invisible (as the spell invisibility) until he or she attacks.  When the sword is drawn the invisibility ends, but the sword itself is always invisible.  [Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords A3]
Wraith Slayer's Inn (was Deke's Place)
     (module "The Flesh is Weak")
     cost 25,000 gp
     spent 725gp of free drinks at opening

Pipe of Answers:
when a halfling sits down and smokes this pipe with a question in mind, the magic of the pipe presents the halfling with an answer.  Its effect is identical tot eh 4th lvl priest spell divination. To receive an answer, a halfling must smoke the pipe for 1 turn; if interrupted, the halfling loses any chance of success.  If the halfling remains undisturbed, the pipe presents a clue in the form of a cryptic rhyme of omen.  there is a 72% chance of a correct answer. If the roll fails, the pipe offers no answer.  The pipe of answers may be used in this way once every 2 days. XP Value: 2,500 GP value: 5,000 (Dragon Magazine #262)
Well of Many Worlds: This strange, interdimensional device looks just like a portable hole. Anything placed within it is immediately cast to another world—a parallel world, another planet, or a different plane (chosen randomly). If the well is moved, the random factor again comes into play. It can be picked up, folded, or rolled, just as a portable hole can be. Objects from the world the well touches can come through the opening just as easily as from the initiating place. (It is a two-way portal.)

Underground Lair:
     Deep below Inn, no entrance
     lead lined safe in small cave
     +11 DC for combo lock
     Percy uses boots to move   
     into space, then opens safe

Safe door protected by:
Marble Stone Guardian - 7' tall
     detect invisible
     AC18, mv10", HD4+4, 36hp

Rakasha Rug (slain in combat)

Bag of Holding: 100,000 gp
     (30 cubic feet) weighs 15 lbs
Magic Candelabra 
     lift and it lights
     detect magic (lights & tingles)
Protections in safe: 
     (in closed cases)
Immovable Rod suspending: S.T.
Spell Thrower
     Case has poison needle trap
          (sv vs. poison or die)
     if within 50' casts light rays
     ill generated while spinning
     reflects all spells, has 10 hp
Stone of Madness
     Case has poison needle trap
     (sv vs. poison or die)
     in glassteel lead case
     10' rad sv. vs. will or insane
     2nd sv. or permanent
Magic Glassteel Box (see gems)
     Case has poison needle trap
          (sv vs. poison or die)
     glass, mica substance
     1-2 paralyzed 1-4 min, but heal
     3-4 sv vs spell of sleep 1-3 rds
     5 loose 1 sense 3-30 minutes
     6 no effect
Gold Box 
     poison needle trap
           (sv vs. poison or die)
     Gold flask -Potion of poison
            labeled "Wishing Potion"
           (sv vs poison or die)
6 Coins of Fate in glassteel case:
     Case has poison needle trap
     (sv vs. poison or die)
     1.  +1 saves
     2.  -1 saves
     3.  10% magic resistance
     4.  attack +1 level
     5.  2x detect secret doors/invisib
     6.  +1 hp/level
Rare gems "obtained" in glassteel case:
     Case has poison needle trap
     (sv vs. poison or die)
     10,000 gp (gem of giants)
     100,000 gp black diamond
     50,000 gp emerald (demi-lich)
     silver crown 6x5,000 gp black sapphires
     6x300 gp diamonds (skull shaped)
     2x25,000 gp fire opals ("Orcus' eyes")
     75,000 gp black opal ("Annihilation")
     Uncut Corundum sphere 10,000gp (fist sized)
     Pearl of Power (lvl 3)
Gems (in Magic Glassteel Box):
     6x500 gp pearls
     2000 gp emerald
     9000 gp bracelet
     2000 gp ruby
     3x1000 gp opals
     7x4000 gp diamonds
     Opal 8000gp
     Topaz 6000gp
     Emerald 6000 gp 
     Aquamarine 4000gp
     Sapphire 3000gp
     Garnet 2000gp
     Ruby 1000gp
Jade 4500gp
Items for sale:
wand of cure mod wounds
amulet of statueness

Analyze Portal

Brd 3, Sor/Wiz 3
V, S, M
Casting Time:
1 minute
60 ft.
A quarter circle emanating from you to the extreme of the range
Concentration, up to 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw:
See text
Spell Resistance:
Material Components: A crystal lens and a small mirror.

      You can tell whether an area contains a magic portal. If you study an area for 1 round, you know the sizes and locations of any portals in the area. Once you find a portal, you can study it. (If you find more than one portal, you can only study one at a time.)

Each round you study a portal, you can discover one property of the portal, in this order:
• Any key or command word needed to activate the portal.
• Any special circumstances governing the portal’s use (such as specific times when it can be activated).
• Whether the portal is one-way or two-way.
• Any of the usual properties described in the Magic Portals section of Chapter 2.
• Finally, a glimpse of the area where the portal leads. You can look at the area where the portal leads for 1 round; the range of the caster’s vision is the spell’s range.
Analyze portal does not allow other divination spells or spell-like abilities to extend through the portal. For example, you cannot also use detect magic or detect evil to study the area where the portal leads while viewing the area with analyze portal. For each property, you make a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against DC 17. If fail, you can try again the next round.

Analyze portal has only a limited ability to reveal unusual properties, as follows:
• Random Portals: The spell reveals only that the portal is random and whether it can be activated now. It does not reveal when the portal starts or stops functioning.
• Variable Portals: The spell reveals only that the portal is variable. If the caster studies the portal’s destination, the spell reveals only the destination to which the portal is currently set.
• Creature-Only Portals: The spell reveals this property. If the caster studies the portal’s destination, the spell reveals where the portal sends creatures. If it is the kind of portal that sends creatures one place and their equipment another place, the spell does not reveal where the equipment goes.
• Malfunctioning Portals: The spell reveals only that the portal is malfunctioning, not what sort of malfunction the portal produces.