Please note:  If you found this link at random, please go away.  I have borrowed the following rules from around the web at very nice websites (that you would do better to look at), and am using them for my home campaign only.  I have no intent to steal the info and claim it as mine.  This is merely posted on the web so my private players can get the information from their home computers.  So go away if you are not invited, as I do not have the password protocol up to restrict access to outsiders yet!

Note: Material taken from D. Enyeart’s excellent webpage The Fairy Hoard, please see that site for updates.

Extra Rules.doc


Fairy Meat on hosts a Fairy Meat board with player-written reviews and ratings, among other things.   This is where we won the 2000 Reader's Choice award for Best Miniatures Game!  *happy fairy dance*
The Fairy Hoard  You really have to see this one.  A truly exhaustive array of Fairy Meat information, with new weapons, spells, Thralls, special rules, and items.  Oh, and this little thing called the Fairy O-Limp-ics... 
Santiago's Fairy Meat page  Here you'll find a slimy new scenario, some prefab warbands, and the rules for playing games of Fairy Meat with Tarot Decks! A man after me own heart.  Contains some house rules for equipping fairies with some rather woodsy armor, downloadable roster sheets, miniature recommendations (Jedi Fairies?!), and the Fairy Name Generator in powerful new Perl form!
Terrible Scans of Marvelous Miniatures  Scott's gallery of painted Fairy Meat miniatures.  Rainy Day Idea  #4:  Try looking at it with different colored sunglasses!  It's several seconds of pure fairy-gazing fun...
Yahoo! Clubs: Knights of the Dinner Table  A club for fans of Knights of the Dinner Table, the comic/magazine in which Fairy Meat was revealed to the world.  There's sometimes a bit of Fairy Meat discussion in here.  Sometimes.