Team Members:
       Chen A Japanese swordsman with a serious attitude problem.  Likes to listen to neo speed metal while he cuts you...
       Falcon Rigger, who constantly questions why he runs the shadows.  "Don't turn around, Uh-Oh, Zaa Zaa!"
       Grendle Big strong Troll with a lot of bioware and cyber.  Misses most missions.  "Me forgot!  Me smash now"
       Macut Haitian Sorcery Adept who likes to use mind control, just like his Voodoan countrymen.
       Rico Cybered up ex-neovato.  Great with a camera.
       Ryler Dog Shaman.  Barks too much, and tends to scratch when he gets excited.  Try not to catch any fleas!
       Sandman Jack of all trades.  Chromed up Coyote Shaman with all the toys, and twin Savalettes to boot.  Distinct CAS accent.
       Tex Guess where he's from?  Former Corp Assasin, turned to the shadows.  Can never seem to understand what he is saying but the fragger can shoot!

Team Resources:
       "The Lodge" Level 15 Shaman's Lodge hidden inside wharehouse in middle class area of Seattle.  Owner: Sandman
       "The Chop Shop" A fully equipped auto facility hidden from Lone Star view.  All vehicles customized here.  Owner: Chen/Sandman
       "The Gun Shop" A standard gun-shop for all weapon repairs and customizations.  Also nearby a large stockpile of illegal weapons for sale or trade.  Out back, there is a shooting range.  On Sundays, gun permits not allowed, only large caliber...    Owner: Sandman
"Sandman's High Life"
Keep your feet off the furniture, chummer.  It's real wood...  Owner: Sandman

Team Vehicles:
       "The Blue Bomber" A customized Rolls Royce Prarie Cat.  Equipped for all kinds of Shadowmissions.  Main Owner: Chen
       "The Crimson Bullet" A customized Saab Dynamit.  Can't get any faster than this!  Owner: Sandman
       "The Red Rocket" A customized BMW Blitzen 2050.  Watch out for the hidden weaponry!  Owner: Sandman
       "Chen's Arrogance" A customized Yamaha Rapier.  Too bad he always looses to the Sandman.  Owner: Chen


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