Shattered Crystal - Spelljamming in a binary system
Campaign Setting; Binary System; Races & Classes selection

This Campaign will have many new races and classes and should be a bit of fun. Set in a Swashbuckling type environment (but with a twist you'll find out later). Will also have some Steam Tech, as well as primitive Firearms (blunderbuss type weapons). I am trying to keep it a good party, but avoiding LG, unless the LG is more of a weak tendency. I don't really want an extreme Moral Majority type Paladin preventing Swashbuckling adventure! Neutrals are okay as long as we don't have too many in the group. You are heroes overall I would hope.  I also want you to have two characters. One should be pretty normal and the other doesn't need to be. Or two half normal characters. By normal I mean standard DnD races, and standard DnD classes.


So a dwarven ranger and a tiefling warlock, would be fine. Or a Changling rogue and a Human Artificer would be two half normal characters the only reason I want some normal is that the strange characters may have a harder time in the campaign. If you were all Rat people no one would talk to you and the campaign would end immediately. Some some mix of strange and not strange is what I hope for. Don't worry, I will get you all together in a group, no matter what your origins.


If I were to advise one to buy one book it would be Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, since it is the most recent version of DnD we will be using. It would be best to have in the hardback, real version since it is essentially a players handbook and DMs guide put together. It has all the standard rules, feats, spells, etc for the DnD game. Otoh, the pdfs are available on the internet in torrents, so start with the pdf and when you want to buy a real book, get the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook...


BTW, here's my rant: Pathfinder is the company that broke away from Wizards of the Coast when they decided to screw over all their old players and make a new edition 4.0 and fire half their staff who made both Dungeon and Dragon Magazines. Wizards made 4.0 which is a really dumbed down version of Dnd, and Pathfinder evolved 3.5 edition into 3.75